Optimizing SQL Server Table Structures
SQL Server is Microsoft's primary database management tool. This course is designed to take you through a critical aspect of SQL Server Administration, with just the right amount of depth, within one day.

The course is most suitable for those that need to know how to configure table structures for a SQL Server system, including heaps vs clustered indexes, table partitioning, compression, filestream, and filetables. While not essential to complete the labs (as full detailed instructions are provided), some knowledge of T-SQL would be helpful.

Even though our courses are based on SQL Server 2016, we realise that many customers are not yet running that version. Rather than provide you a course that only covers a single version of SQL Server, our courses are designed to be relevant (wherever possible) to a range of SQL Server versions including SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014. Where there are differences between versions, the differences are clearly highlighted.

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Understanding SQL Server Table and Index Structures
- Understanding Table Structures
- Understanding Nonclustered Indexes
- Understanding Indexed Views
- Understanding In-Memory Tables and Natively Compiled Stored Procedures
- LAB: Understanding SQL Server Table Structures
Implementing Table Partitioning
- Working with Partition Functions and Partition Schemes
- Working with Partitioned Tables
- Implementing Sliding-Window Designs
- Switching Data In and Out of Partitioned Tables
- LAB: Implementing Table Partitioning
Implementing Table Compression
- Understanding Compression
- Implementing Row and Page Compression
- Implementing Column Store Indexes
- SQL Server 2014 Enhancements
- LAB: Implementing Table Compression
Implementing Filestream and FileTables
- Understanding Filestream
- Implementing Filestream
- Implementing FileTables
- LAB: Implementing Filestream and FileTables
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