SQL Server Service Broker Core Skills
SQL Server is easy to start working with but there can be a lot to learn before you can build the most useful applications on it.

One of the most powerful yet least understood features in SQL Server has been Service Broker. This course is designed to get you working productively with Service Broker as quickly as possible, while avoiding common pitfalls, particularly in relation to design.

The course is targeted at application developers that are creating systems that would be enhanced by the addition of message-based architectures. These can involve transactional queues, asynchronous triggers, internal and external activation procedures and many more. The course is also useful to existing SQL Server developers and DBAs who need to support applications built with Service Broker.

While our courses are based on SQL Server 2016, we realise that many customers are not yet running that version. Rather than provide you a course that only covers a single version of SQL Server, our courses are designed to be relevant (wherever possible) to a range of SQL Server versions including SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014. Where there are differences between versions, the differences are clearly highlighted.

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Service Broker Core Concepts
- Rationale for Service Broker
- Message-Based Architectures
- Alternatives to Service Broker
- Service Broker Features
- Service Broker Objects
- LAB: Service Broker Core Concepts
Implementing Service Broker Objects
- Creating Message Types
- Creating Contracts
- Creating Queues
- Creating Services
- Sending and Receiving Messages
- Ending Conversations
- LAB: Implementing Service Broker Objects
Designing Service Broker Activation and Routing
- Internal Activation
- External Activation
- Poison Messages
- Routing Messages
- Securing Conversations
- LAB: Designing Service Broker Activation and Routing
Service Broker Design Patterns, Performance and Troubleshooting
- Design Patterns
- Performance Optimization
- Monitoring
- Troubleshooting
- LAB: Service Broker Design Patterns, Performance and Troubleshooting
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