Upgrading Database Engine Skills to SQL Server 2014
SQL Server 2014 includes functions that significantly change how you can work with the product. Architecting solutions based on these new capabilities however, is far from trivial.

Unlike other SQL Server 2014 upgrade classes that spend most of the time on SQL Server 2012 features, in one very solid day, we'll help you to get your head around in-memory tables (Hekaton), clustered columnstores, role separation, backup encryption, changes in cardinality estimation, incremental partition statistics, parallel SELECT INTO, AlwaysOn enhancements, lock priority management, sysprep changes, support for cluster shared volumes (CSVs), and more. We'll also look into hybrid data scenarios with backup to URL, and hosting on-premises data files in Azure.

The course is targeted at application developers that are creating systems that would be enhanced by the addition of in-memory architectures. The course is also useful to existing SQL Server developers and DBAs who need to understand what is now possible.

This course is based entirely on SQL Server 2014.

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Implementing In-Memory Tables
- Introduction to In-Memory Tables
- Understanding Latch-Free Architectures
- Implementing Delayed Durability
- LAB: Implementing In-Memory Tables
Implementing Clustered Columnstores
- Understanding Compression in SQL Server
- Limitations of Non-Clustered Columnstore Indexes
- Understanding Clustered Columnstores
- Achieving Performance with Updates to Clustered Columnstores
- LAB: Implementing Clustered Columnstores
Implementing SQL Server 2014 General Enhancements
- Working with Performance-Related Enhancements
- Working with Security and Management Enhancements
- Working with Availability Enhancements
- LAB: Implementing SQL Server 2014 General Enhancements
Implementing Hybrid Databases
- Understanding Azure-Related Options for SQL Server
- Working with BACKUP to URL
- Working with Hybrid Database Architectures
- LAB: Implementing Hybrid Databases and Solutions
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