SQL Server High Availability and AlwaysOn Skills
SQL Server offers a number of high availability options. In this course, you will learn how to choose between the options, and how to configure systems to use these options, with just the right amount of depth, within a single day.

During the course, you will learn about Database Mirroring, Log Shipping and Failover Clustering as implemented on many SQL Server systems today, then learn about how SQL Server Availability Groups are implemented.

While our courses are based on SQL Server 2016, we realise that many customers are not yet running that version. Rather than provide you a course that only covers a single version of SQL Server, our courses are designed to be relevant (wherever possible) to a range of SQL Server versions including SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014. Where there are differences between versions, the differences are clearly highlighted.

Course Price
Early Bird Price
2 Oct 2017
$595+GST if paid by Sep 18
SQL Server High Availability Overview Defining High Availability and Disaster Recovery Strategies
- Defining High Availability and Disaster Recovery Strategies
- Comparing SQL Server HA/DR Technologies
- Implementing Disaster Recovery via Log Shipping
- Implementing Disaster Recovery via Database Snapshots
- LAB: Designing a SQL Server High Availability Solution
Working with Database Mirroring Understanding Database Mirroring
- Understanding Database Mirroring
- Implementing Database Mirroring
- Monitoring and Troubleshooting Database Mirroring
- LAB: Configuring and Managing Database Mirroring
Working with Failover Clustering Failover Clustering Core Concepts
- Failover Clustering Core Concepts
- Implementing Failover Clustering
- Monitoring and Troubleshooting Failover Clustering
- LAB: Configuring and Managing Failover Clustering
Working with Availability Groups AlwaysOn Availability Groups Core Concepts
- AlwaysOn Availability Groups Core Concepts
- Implementing Availability Groups and Listeners
- Implementing Active Secondaries
- LAB: Configuring and Managing AlwaysOn
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